About me

Illustrator | UI/Web Designer | Animator | Identity/Branding Designer

Growing up as a cotton farmer's child in southern Mississippi was especially hard. Every morning my brothers and sisters and I would get up, slop the chickens, bathe the cats, and repaint the goats' teats a bright shade of blue. We never questioned why, it was just what we were told to do. After a cold breakfast of King Vitamin and root beer, we would head to the fields where we would pick cotton until our fingers were numb - usually about five minutes. Then we would hop on the John Deere and harvest the whole crop in about 30 minutes. No big deal, really. It was air-conditioned.

Not really. But I really did grow up in southern Mississippi and ate King Vitamin cereal. I played outside when I wasn't in school, and always wanted to be a vet, a National Geographic photographer, a cowboy, and James Bond - all at the same time. Unfortunately, I didn't become any of those things, but I can draw them if you want me to.

Professionally, I illustrate, develop websites, branding, and animation.

I used to want to accomplish lots of things in my life. Now I just want to raise Godly children, be a good husband and father, and love people well. Because none of the resume stuff really matters in the long run anyway.